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Use of language blood wedding Essay Example for Free

Use of language blood wedding Essay Lorca uses language throughout the play for many different situations, such as describing characters feelings, carrying the sub-plot and uncovering the main plot. By using language in different ways, Lorca is able to make the play more appealing and with deeper meaning. Act two, scene one, Bride: Bride- Dark clouds. A cold wind here inside me. Doesnt everyone feel it? - page 53 In this speech by the Bride, Lorca has been able to describe the brides inner most feelings. When the bride states that she has a cold wind here inside me, Lorca is showing that the bride is uneasy and probably scared about getting married. Lorca uses the language to describe a feeling which comes from the body of the bride, which creates a personal effect for the audience (the audience are able to understand the brides inner feelings). Also the playwright has also created imagery of wind which could be related to a physical storm or a storm which the bride may be in because of her future marriage. Lorca then uses a rhetorical question (doesnt everyone feel it) in which he addresses a feeling of loneliness in which the bride may be suffering. By doing this Lorca has been able to show feelings though the use of language, this creates more effect and interaction from the audience. If I was to vocalise the text, I would add expression to the sentence a cold wind here inside me by using a more frightened tone in my voice, as well as visualising a movement in which I change my body language to become more defensive (by curling my body to symbolise defence and fear). Act two, scene one, Bridegroom: Bridegroom- My arms are strong. Im going to hold you for forty years without stopping. - page 61 In this quotation, Lorca has expressed the bridegrooms love for the bride by stating that he will hold you (the bride) for forty years. Also in this quotation, Lorca heightens the brides feelings of being trapped and unable to escape. This could be seen by imagery of the bridegroom clenching the bride in his arms, expressing the strength the bridegroom may have. This is an effective use of language as it shows that the bridegroom cares for the bride immensely, as well expressing the feelings the bride has. If I was to vocalise this quotation, I would emphasise the strength of the bridegroom with physical gestures such as enclosing the bridegrooms arms around the bride. Act two, scene two, Mother: A bad day? The only good one. For me it was like an inheritance. The breaking-up of soil, the planting of new trees! Lorca uses language in this speech by the mother to express the mothers happiness. He does this by stating that the marriage was like an inheritance. By using the word inheritance in this way to describe the marriage, Lorca has been able to refer to the marriage as a gain, which shows the mothers view. This therefore is an effective use of language as it expresses a characters view. In this quotation, Lorca also describes the marriage as the breaking-up of soil, the planting of new trees! which gives the impression that the marriage is the start of something new. This quotation can also show the repetition in the play; due to the cycle of planting of trees and soil being broken up. In this quotation, the playwright has been able to manipulate the audience into believing that the marriage is more like a process by using language effectively. Act three, scene one, bridegroom: You see this arm? Well its not my arm. Its my brothers arm and my fathers and my whole dead familys. And its got such strength; it could tear this tree from its roots if it wanted to. - page 79 In this quotation, Lorca has been able to use language to produce imagery in the audiences mind; by stating the arm could tear this tree from its roots. This makes the audience imagine the arm having immense strength. Also in this quotation, Lorca has been able to show that the bridegroom is bound to the rest of the family by stating that his arm belongs to his brother and father. This is an effective use of language as it shows that the bridegroom feels tide down by his family. This quotation also makes another reference to blood. This could be seen to show the link to blood relatives and how they are connected to someone by having the same blood. If I were to vocalise the quotation I would use gestures of the bridegrooms arms being tied together. I would do this as the language emphasises that the bridegroom is bound to his family. Act three, scene two, Mother: Your tears are tears that come from your eyes, thats all. But mine will come, when Im all alone, from the soles of my feet, from my roots, and theyll burn hotter than blood. - page 88-89 The playwright uses language here to describe the tears that the tears the mother will cry will burn hotter than blood and come from the soles of my feet. This means that Lorca has been able to express tears as been a hot deadly liquid, which gives the impression that the tears are scorching, and are more than tears. This is an effective use of language as it again shows imagery. Also Lorca has shown that the tears are precious as he has stated that they come from the roots of the mother. This shows that Lorca has used language to show the mothers emotions, which is effective for the audience. Throughout the play, Lorca uses different styles of language to express different ways the bride talks to the bridegroom, Leonardo and the maid. For instance, the bride treats the characters differently, such as treating the maid as if she owns her, therefore imposing her authority and instructing her what to do. The bride treats the bridegroom as if she is trying to avoid communication with him and being as abrupt as possible. However the bride communicates her feelings with Leonardo as well as showing passion and lust when speaking to him. Lorcas style of writing is expressed in his use of poetry. When expressing the lullabies Lorca uses romance and passion which shows that his style of writing helps the poem and play flow.

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High School Uniform Polices Essay -- Teaching Public Schools

High School Uniform Polices Hello, I am here today to tell you about a problem that I see in our high schools. This problem is that there is not a uniform policy in all of schools. There are many arguments for and against having a uniform policy in the school systems. Some would argue that having a uniform would limit kids from their self-expression and individuality. While others believe that this is a good idea so that there is not any â€Å"labels† in our schools. By this I mean that poor and rich kids will not be noticed by what they wear. No matter what the outcome in this matter there will always be people that get upset about the outcome. I am here to give you my reason for supporting the idea that all high schools should have a uniform policy. Today the way we dress can non-knowingly segregate people into groups, especially in people’s younger years of middle and high school. Also the way you dress can represent different gangs. I am not saying that if there were a uniform policy in all o f our schools that this would completely stop these problems but it would help to reduce them. Today in our schools people’s dress represent a lot more than just self-expression. It is a representation of social classes and groups. Most of the time a person can pick out the poor people and the rich as well just by the clothes that they wear. If it is that easy to look at someone and know something about them just from the clothes that they wear then this automatically segregates ...

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How To Move Past Cultural Elements Essay

There are two ways in which cultural elemental change must be supported. The first is in the manner of executive support. This is not merely â€Å"yessing† the voiced suggestions of staff. Rather, it is though the changed behavior of the executive that staff will change is well. This is termed as behavioral support. Executives must model the behavior that they want to see in their subordinates. They must also follow the rules that they expect their workers to adhere to until that rule has changed. Help the team members achieve goals that are not only important to the team, but important to the individual team members as well. â€Å"Use every possible communication tool to build commitment and support for the big goal, your organization’s values and the culture you want to create† ( (Heathfield). Leadership is not proven by making unrealistic promises or brutal tactics in order to impress or intimidate. It is proven when an executive means what he says and does what he says. The second way in which cultural elemental change must be supported is the training of the support team. The executive cannot merely expect to perform without ensuring that they have the proper training. A support team cannot be expected to support without a clear interpretation of what is expected and desired of them. Here it is useful to create a value and belief statement that the entire team subscribes to. Change the reward structure and redesign the operational structure to reflect the new organizational culture that is coming in. Bibliography Heathfield. (n. d. ). How to Walk Your Talk, leadership in Action. Retrieved August 09, 2010, from Ask. com: http://humanresources. about. com/cs/managementissues/a/walktalk. htm

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Cultural Diversity At The Heart Of The Society - 5484 Words

Given the growing globalized and integrated world, cultural diversity has become an important instrument of promoting peace and understanding as never before. Owing to the rapid growth of multicultural societies and countries, ever stronger international migration flows, and the accelerated development of digital technologies, cultural diversity has thus become a veritable instrument of our time. It has been posited that the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions lies at the heart of the society. The issues that arise from cultural diversity cannot be solved only by political voluntarism; they also require knowledge dissemination, cultural and diversity awareness and an intense international cooperation and exchange of experiences. This paper provides an overview of the reasons for cultural diversity and the role it plays in integrating our world. The author posits that cultures of people appear the same, but the practice and people’s perception of it may differ. The author submits that the idea for a more equal world can only be achieved if we find ways to instill and broaden the spirit of cultural diversity among us. Introduction One of the challenges of our modern times is the inability of other nationalities to accept and appreciate cultures other than their owns. This has posed a threat to the collective and collaborative efforts of governments across the world to foster unity among cultures. Increased cultural awareness and diversity enhancesShow MoreRelatedThe Sociological Imagination Of M Ā Ori Health Inequalities And Cultural Diversity Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesZealand. Nursing Council of New Zealand expected that nurses are able to understand and analyse the historical and cultural processes that have impacted on the MÄ ori health inequalities, so that they can best deliver and improve MÄ ori health care (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2011). This essay will explore and discuss the contemporary MÄ ori health inequalities and cultural diversity in New Zealand using the sociological imagination analysis model. According to Mills (1959), sociological imaginationRead MoreCultural And Racial Discrimination By Angel Kyodo Williams1612 Words   |  7 Pageswith rope and using the same rope to tie up everybody else. Cultural and racial discrimination creates suffering for ourselves and for others. We have to give ourselves a chance to learn new ways of thinking and acting so that we can create connections with other civilizations, other races, other cultures. We cannot remain stuck in our superiority complex, whether it is based on race, on culture, on technology, or on ideology. Diversity is needed, another leading Buddhist teacher states, to relieveRead MoreAmerican-Indians and the United States Health System1556 Words   |  6 Pagesidentified by medical communities that there are wide spread diseases diabetes, alcoholism, tuberculosis, suicide, unintentional injuries, and other health conditions among American Indian and they are dying of these diseases at shocking rates (American Heart Association [AHA], 2010). Through this essay I want to discuss the healthcare status of American Indians in the perspective of their culture as how it impacted and lead to develop mistrust between amongst the medical community and American IndiansRead MoreIssues of Cultural Diversity and Diet810 Words   |  4 PagesCultural Diversity-African American Diet In the present time the African American culture changed quite a bit in being removed from where they as a people originated or should I say their homeland from whence they came. African American people are a people who are influenced tremendously from their fore fathers and mothers who lived in the southern part of the United States. The nomenclature for this group is to include African American, Black Americans or people of color. I prefer to use AfricanRead MoreThe Importance of Working Equally with a Culturally Diverse Classroom1665 Words   |  7 PagesAs a future educator it’s important to understand that diversity will be seen in classrooms. As a result, it’s the educator’s role to become cultural competence, which is the ability to successfully teach students who come from cultures other than your own. Diversity can be different types of race, religions, gender, languages, customs, and culture. Teachers need to see all their students equal regardless of their diversity and culture background. This course helped shape my character and broadenRead MoreDiversity In Todays Organizations Essay example1136 Words   |  5 Pagesvalue the ways cultural and workforce diversity contribute to long-term success, innovation and productivity embrace methods that enhance efficiency (Waller,2006 pg.50-52). Diversity has many different meanings. The description of diversity can be classified into categories: human, cultural and systems. Human diversity encompasses the physical difference of individuals, such as skin color, gender and appearance. Cultural diversity, on the other hand, looks at individual cultural issues such asRead MoreThe Necessary Separation of Church and State in America Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pagesexercise thereof,†¦Ã¢â‚¬  goes to the heart of American strength. It provides the foundation upon which this nation’s strength and resolve is built. It is the groundwork laid to allow American citizens to be who they are without government interference and that freedom allows the citizens to learn and grow from each other, building the foundation with the strength of cultural and religious diversity. America was built on this foundation and it is instilled in the heart of every proud American citizenRead MoreThe Education Crisis : The United States E ducational System1469 Words   |  6 Pagesresolution it is evident that no change in policy can solve a much greater issue, one that stands more than just in the way of education but the emancipation of a dream, the American Dream. The fault lies not in the policy of the system, but in the hearts of those who fail to recognize that without hard work and dedication, dreams can only lead to failure. The United States school system is known as being quite unproductive in student success and there are multiple issues that are the foundation uponRead MoreWhat Did I Learn?895 Words   |  4 PagesWhat did I learn? Today’s society is inundated with a wide range of diverse people. These individuals have various backgrounds and experiences that make our country a true melting pot. In many parts of our nation one will find Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, rich, poor, and many more diverse people. Since the immigrant population is continuously growing, some school districts’ student population will be made up of over fifty percent kids of color. In some casesRead MoreDiversity Training And Cultural Sensitivity Training Essay897 Words   |  4 PagesLeading in a Culturally Diverse Global Society As organizations become increasingly global, the success of organizations is dependent on the leaders skills in merging diverse cultures in building high performance teams across multiple countries. Global organizations are required to adapt to continuous changes in culturally diverse global business environment. Multinational leaders must become adapt to leading a culturally diverse workforce if the organization is to become transcontinental. Therefore